Our Process

How it works

A simple 3 step process

Getting started is easy. Simply select a weight loss plan that best fits your needs and complete the registration process. Your sex, current weight and height will be used to generate a nutrition plan based on your stats with just the right portions and macronutrients for maximum weight loss. If you purchase a plan with coaching support, your coach will contact you soon after you sign up to setup your communication channels.


Your Information

Create an account and provide us with your sex, your current weight and your height. We use this information to build your plan.



Your Plan

Review and begin preparing to start your weight loss journey for the very last time. Your coach will help you do this.


Your Journey

Your plan contains everything you need to succeed. Your coach can make any adjustments to your plan that you might need.

Step 1 | Your Information


Weight and Body Composition

We use your height and weight to approximate your body fat. We then use your weight and bodyfat to calculate the optimal macronutrient ratio for maximal weight loss. We use this ratio to build your plan.


Schedule and Lifestyle

If you signed up for a plan that includes coaching, your coach use information that you provide about your habits and daily schedule to adjust your plan so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily regimen.

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Coaching and Consistency

Your coach will check in with your regularly to help keep you motivated, to make any adjustments to your plan that you might need and to help you navigate the initial start to your plan as tends to be the most challenging part.

Step 2 | The Plan


Review your plan

Review your plan and familiarize yourself with your nutrition guide and your meal plan.

Get rid of stuff

Get rid of all the food and ingredients that are not included on your grocery list, or in the recipes in your plan.

Plan your groceries

Using your meal plan and grocery guide, create a shopping list to re-stock your kitchen with what you need.

The build up to beginning your journey to a new mind and body is one of the most crucial phases of your plan. Your plan includes a tracking and portioning guide, as well as important information on things that you MUST do to guarantee your success. Do NOT take any instructions lightly. The initial phases of the plan are the most difficult to adhere to and adherence to instruction will be key to your success.

Tracking and Portioning

Understanding tracking and portioning will be integral to your success, especially at the onset of your plan. Your plan breaks down and simplifies this process. Remember, one of our key goals is empowering you in guaranteeing your own success. Follow your plan meticulously.

What's in a guarantee?

We take our work seriously and what we do works. Its just that simple. This is not an easy quick fix. Anything worth having takes time and effort. With that being said, we offer a complete 100% money back guarantee to anyone that follows our plans without seeing amazing results. No B.S. Just science.

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